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Vaughan Job Market and Community Profile

Vaughan – a growing suburban town with population of approximately 240,000 in 2006 – is located in the Northern outskirts of Ontario’s Greater Toronto Area, in the south-western part of York Region, and East of Mississauga and Brampton. After Markham, Vaughan has the second largest job market in York Region.

According to the Fairy Lake Jobs Hiring Index report, the job market in Vaughan accounts for about 17% of all employment opportunities advertised online in York Region, with 700 to 750 new jobs being posted online each month. Vaughan is home of some well known employers, including Canada's national headquarters of Toys R Us, Apple Canada, Grand and Toy, KIK Corp, OZZ Corporation. However, unlike many other towns in metropolitan Toronto, the employment market of Vaughan is not dominated by any single employer or group of employers, and is in fact quite diverse. Many people choose to live in Vaughan because its convenient location within the GTA allows easy daily commuting to other major employment centres nearby, including Toronto, Markham, Mississauga, and Brampton. Vaughan has a higher-than-average percentage of full-time jobs compared to York Region's average: In 2007, well over 90% of all new jobs located in Vaughan advertised online were for full-time jobs, while in Newmarket, for example, this percentage was only about 80%.

Vaughan was recently designated by the Provincial Government of Ontario as one of the centres in which the province would like to concentrate population growth in the near future. Vaughan is home of one of the biggest Italian ethnic communities in Canada. Italian-Canadians comprise about 44% of the population of Vaughan. Other large ethnic communities in Vaughan are Jewish (about 17%), Chinese (4%), Russian (about 4%), Polish (about 3%). Vaughan is located just North of Toronto's Etobicoke area, and about 35 kilometers North of Downtown Toronto. People of British Isles origin form a smaller percentage than in many other southern Ontario cities. The town of Vaughan includes the communities of Maple, Concord, Woodbridge, the Western half of Thornhill and can be reached from Toronto by car using HWY400. There is also a local commuter train and bus service between Union Station in Toronto and Vaughan, operated by Toronto’s GO Transit. Vaughan is home of Canada's Wonderland (Canada's largest amusement park - located in the community of Maple).

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